Tom Rudman is a graphic designer, design director,

creative director. He has received 17 national and

international awards, including 6 gold and 3 silver

BDA Promax Awards. Tom's design work is part of the

permanent collection of The Paley Center For Media.


Tom has worked with some of the world’s best known

private and public sector brands. These include

Time Warner Cable, Unicef, UFC, PEPSI, USA Network,

CBS, JohnPaul Mitchell, Blackberry, Siemens, Loblaws,

Starbucks, Hasbro, 7up, Royal Canadian Mint,

Delta Airlines, HGTV, Food Network, m&m’s,

National Geographic, Tazo Tea, Panasonic, Audi,

Heinz, Yahoo!, Virgin Mobile, General Electric.


Tom is a Senior Designer

with CBC/Radio-Canada